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Welcome to Ba7ar Supplier

Ba7ar Supplier website welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant time and a great shopping experience. Our online store provides you with everything that is new in the fishing and camping world.

The idea of this e-store came due to the lack of such a site in local market. By virtue of our experience in the requirements and familiarity with most of the global brands as well as sourcing these products. Thus, to provide the items that are not in the regional market yet.

We are doing our best to import the items most commensurate with your needs. For your best convenience electronic shopping, we secure your shopping with safe delivery and payment in various ways to suit your requirements.

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About Us

I was born in the good old 80s in Kuwait where I grew up on the love of fishing until I almost became a fish myself. Then I realized that I am so into fishing that I needed to develop my skills. I went through many courses, tips, books, …etc. until I built up my professional methods. I then decided to transform my knowledge to people who maybe into the same hobbies to make it easier for them so that they don’t go through the same mess I went to learn. So, I started giving many courses in kayaking, fishing and casting. Then I dedicated my time to teach anglers and spread the knowledge to my fellow fishing lovers. Having said that, I also developed a good knowledge of equipment, gear, and accessories where I knew where to get the good stuff from for the best value. To satisfy my knowledge sharing passion, this store idea came to live.

I carefully chose each and every item in this store to fit the needs with quality products in my region. The lack of similar stores that focus on this great hobby encouraged to build my inventory further for the best needs with the top quality and most cost-effective sources.

The name of our store “ba7ar” pronounced as (BAHAR) came from an Arabic word written with English letters which mean SEA.

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